PHOTO Release Acknowledgement & Consent: 

By utilising That Selfie Mirror &/or any product(s) of Selfie Mirror Co (Pty) Ltd during this event or Calendar Year, or at any time in the past, and by participating in the Activities linked to this product & brand, You the customer(s) hereby grant(s) Selfie Mirror Co (Pty) Ltd, on behalf of himself/herself and on behalf of his/her associates/friends/family/child(ren)/ward(s), with whom these activities & interactions include, the irrevocable right and permission to photograph, use all approved photographs/Selfies and/or record him/her or his friend(s)/family/associates/ child(ren)/ward(s) in connection with That Selfie Mirror & Selfie Mirror Co. (Pty) Ltd and to use the photograph and/or recording for all purposes, including advertising and promotional purposes, in any manner and all media now or hereafter known, in perpetuity throughout the world, without restriction as to alteration. The customer waives any right to inspect or approve the use of the selfies (that have been approved on the device) or photographs captured by staff or photographers associated That Selfie Mirror & Selfie Mirror Co. (Pty) Ltd and/or recordings of their usage of the brand’s products, and acknowledges and agrees that the rights granted to this release are without compensation of any kind. Additional terms can be found on www.selfiemirror.co.za/disclaimer.php/